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Statements issued on behalf of Na Fianna Éireann will be published in this section.

Press Release, March 2017

While Na Fianna Éireann support all commemorations for all republicans especially those commemorating fallen members of Na Fianna Éireann we have once again been made aware of various groups using our name.

While Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, we guard the name of our organisation preciously. Should parents wish to involve their children in Na Fianna Éireann all they need do is contact us on our Facebook page or send an e-mail.

In the meantime we call on those masquerading as Na Fianna Éireann to desist immediately, likewise should people want Na Fianna Éireann to attend their commemorations they should contact us.

Sinne, Na Fianna Éireann


Na Fianna Éireann, 223 Sráid Pharnell, BÁC 1, Éire.