Marching Song of the Fianna

Verse One
Hark! to the tramp of the young guard of Éireann,
Firm each footstep, erect each head.
Soldiers of Freedom, unyielding and eager
To follow the teaching of our hero dead.

On for freedom Fianna Éireann;
Set we our faces to the dawning day.
The day in our own land, when strength and daring,
Shall end for evermore the Saxon sway.

Verse Two
Strong be our hands, like the Fianna Éireann;
Who won for her glory in the days that are gone.
Clean be our thinking and fruitful our teaching;
That we may deserve her when the fight is won.

Verse Three
Soldiers and champions of Éire, our mother,
Fear we no Sassanach, his schemes or steel,
Foes of no foemen, but comrades and brothers
And all who are striving for our Éire’s weal.

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