Associate Members of Na Fianna Éireann

The Department of Associate Membership was formed as far back as 1922 to consolidate the position of the organisation, which in those days numbered over 20,000 members. The department outlined five principle ways in which associate members could play a role in the Fianna.

1. Moral Support – These members will form an invisible bulwark against the vile propaganda of some of the other scouting organisations, the Free State and British authorities and other anti-Irish and anti-national people.

2. Inspiration – The associate members will inspire the boys of Na Fianna to greater efforts and transmit to others the desire to serve Ireland before self, by their example and encouragement.

3. Financial Support – They will run functions to support the projects of the organisation and help the Ard Choiste to initiate further constructive action with funds made available. Each associate should endeavor to do something to augment the general fund of the Organisation if at all possible. Little progress can be made without finance.

4. Publicity – They should publicise the fact that an organisation such as Na Fianna exists. An excellent means of achieving this is through distributing the Fianna paper. Each associate should become an agent.

5. Help to Organise – This may be done by supplying our organisers with billets and contacts, also general information concerning your area before he/she commences work in it. Report concerning anything of interest should be forwarded as soon as the information is available. They may be able to influence the boys in other organisations with which they are associated with to join Na Fianna e.g. the G.A.A. and Conradh na Gaeilge.

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