Statement On Behalf Of The Leadership Of Na Fianna

10995823_10153655352288465_8128210629059512910_n (2)Statement read by a member of Na Fianna on behalf of the leadership, in Dublin on Easter Monday.

””Na Fianna Éireann sends greetings to all those Republicans gathered at the graves and monuments of our patriot dead this Easter weekend. In particular we extend solidarity greetings to all those Republican prisoners held in British and Free State prisons and pledge them our continued support in their struggles against criminalisation.

Na Fianna was founded in 1909 to re-establish the “independence of Ireland by means of training the youth of Ireland to fight Ireland’s fight when they are older and the day comes.” In Easter Week 1916 Na Fianna fought valiantly in St. Stephen’s Green, The Mendicity Institute, the GPO and other places. Five Fianna boys were to be killed including Seán “The Boy” Healy who was an unarmed dispatch runner who was shot by a British sniper. Seán Heuston and Con Colbert were later executed for their part in the Rising along with the other leaders.

The intervening 99 years has seen Na Fianna Éireann remaining loyal to the All Ireland Republic and scorning all attempts to suborn the organisation by Anti Republican elements. This has led to Na Fianna today being in a stronger position than it has been for many years. We must aim to increase our strength if we are to be in a position to successfully fulfil our destinies and ensure the Irish Republic, to which we are pledged, is finally enthroned when the day comes. To this end we call on all former members of Na Fianna Éireann and all other Republicans of goodwill to assist us in organising throughout the country once more. Let next year, the one hundredth anniversary of the Rising, see a resurgent Fianna Éireann playing a leading role in Republican commemorations across the country. We of Na Fianna are the future leaders of Republican Ireland, with your assistance we can ensure that this generation will play an essential part in the freeing of our nation from British Imperialism and the re-establishment of The Irish Republic of Easter Week 1916.”

An Phoblacht Abú

Na Fianna Éireann Abú