Na Fianna Eireann Mark Centenary Of Howth Gun-Running And Bachelors Walk Massacres

Fianna marching at Howth
Fianna marchin at Howth

On the 26th of July, 2014, the Dublin slua of Na Fianna Eireann gathered at both Howth Pier and Bachelors Walk to mark the centenary of the gun-running which took place at Howth and the massacres which happened some hours after when British soldiers fired on innocent civilians at Bachelors Walk. We first gathered at the beginning of East Pier, Howth and marched to where the guns were landed at the end of the Pier. The Howth event was chaired by Sean Dolan, a comrade of ours and Republican SF, a wreath was laid by Micheal Og O Fiach on behalf of Na Fianna Eireann and the Republican Movement. After a minutes silence the chair called on Fian Jamie Mullen to deliver the oration. Near the end of his oration he said ”The aim of Na Fianna remains the same as the aim of the organisation on our founding in 1909; the complete re-establishment of Ireland’s independence. We accept no other government after the 1921/22 period as the legitimate government of Ireland. Leinster House which was set up by the British government to govern 26 of our counties is a

Fianna with family members of the Bachelors Walk massacres after commemoration

dependent state. It was formed by a foreign occupier to suit the foreign occupier. It was not formed independently by the people of Ireland acting as a unit without British interference. Therefore the aim of our organisation since it’s foundation has yet to be achieved but proudly will be. We continue the fight and we will accept nothing less than an ‘Ireland free from the centre to the sea’.

”The Sean Healy Slua of Na Fianna Éireann sends solidarity greetings to the people of Palastine and in particular to those in the world’s largest open prison – Gaza. We condemn the assault on Gaza by Israel and salute the courage of the Palastinian people who continue to resist Israeli aggression”

After Jamie’s oration Sean had a few words to say himself about the gun-running before thanking everyone who attended for doing so. The slua then marched back to the beginning of Howth Pier where they fell out.

The slua then re-assembled at the Ha’penny Bridge and marched to a corner on Bachelors Walk where they laid a wreath and delivered another oration. Both events were well attended, with family members of those who took part in the gun-running and who were murdered on Bachelors Walk also in attendance.

We would like to thank all who showed up to mark such historic events.

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